When can I make picks or set my team roster?
As soon as the race week is active and not started, you may set your roster.
I created more than 1 team, why can't I join those teams to the league I'm already in?
It is against the rules to have more than 1 team per account in the same league. The 5 team entries on your account may join different leagues only.
What is the maximum league size for NASCAR Fantasy Live?
For 2014, leagues in NASCAR Fantasy Live may be up to 25 teams.
How do I delete a team?
Once a team is created, it cannot be deleted
I'm a league manager, how do I delete a league?
Once created, a league can only be left and removed if you are the only team in the league. Once other teams join your league, the league can no longer be left or removed.
How do I make my private league public so more players can join?
Click the 'League' tab, then 'League Settings'. Click 'Public', then 'Save'.
Why can't I see my league in the league directory list?
You can't see your league because you already joined that league, and an account can't have more than 1 team in the same league.
How do I leave a league?
If you join a League created by another user, you cannot leave it, so be sure to join only when you are ready. You may leave a league in which you are the creator - as long as you remain the ONLY member of that league.
Can I make picks on my mobile device?
You can make your selections by using the official NASCAR Mobile app available in the App Store and Google Play.
How does my league become eligible for prizes?
Once your league has 25 teams, the league becomes eligible for prizes. Details on prizing is located here: prizes
Why did the minimum number of teams to become prize eligible go up?
The Prize eligible minimum was raised, but the league maximum was lowered to make the prize eligible leagues equal for the purpose of competition and rankings.
Am I eligible for prizes if my league reaches 25 later in the season?
Yes. Once a league becomes prize eligible, its members will be considered for weekly and overall prizes.
Is there a League Point Conversion?
No, point totals will be those accumulated during each race and totaled to provide league and overall rankings.
Is there a Chase reset?
No. Point totals will accumulate all season, including The Chase.
What is the “Renegotiate Salaries” button?
If you acquired a driver at a given value and that value has decreased due to a driver’s performance, you can use the renegotiate salaries button to adjust their salary cap. This is a shortcut to keep players from manually dropping a re-acquiring drivers who have seen their value decrease and you can use it as often as you want. Clicking on the renegotiate salaries button will only change the values of drivers who have seen their cap drop and will not affect the value of a driver who has seen their value increase.
Where can I get help for other questions?
You can find help at: Support Center