NASCAR® Fantasy Live 2016 Game

A. Creating an Entry:

Participants must log on and register with NASCAR.COM, then access the Fantasy Games homepage for NASCAR® Fantasy Live located at . To participate, create an entry by clicking PLAY NOW and then following the steps to create a single entry. A single email account registration can have up to five (5) entries.

B. Joining a League:

Once an entry has been created, you may choose to join or create a League. Leagues can be established by anyone at any time throughout the Season. There is no minimum number of teams that may participate in a given League, but the Leagues have a maximum of one-hundred (100) teams. Leagues can be Public or Private. Public Leagues can be joined by anyone, provided the League has not reached its maximum number of teams. Private Leagues require the password of the League commissioner. In order for participants to be eligible for prizes, they must compete in a League of at least 6 teams, either Public or Private. Participants in Leagues with fewer than 6 teams will still earn points, but the winners of such Leagues will not be eligible for Weekly prizes or the Overall Prizes. League eligibility for prizes will be determined at the time winners are determined. For example, participants in a League with only 4 teams will not be eligible for Weekly prizes, but if that League gains two teams and reaches 6 teams during Week 15, then the winners of that League for weeks 15 through 36 will be eligible for the Weekly prizes, so long as the League remains at six teams or more. However, if a League with six (6) members is reduced to four (4) during week 12, those teams will no longer be eligible for Weekly and Overall prizes until they gain two (2) more members. Participants in Leagues with at least 6 teams at the end of the Game Period will be eligible for the Overall Prizes. Any registered participant can have up to five (5) active teams in up to five (5) different Leagues (maximum one team per League). A player can move a team from one League to another League at any time. A player may also remove a team from any League and continue playing, but any teams that are not in a prize-eligible League with at least six teams in it at the time prizes are being determined will not be eligible to receive any Weekly or Overall Prizes.

C. Game Play:

Manage one or more teams of five (5) NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers™ against a $100 dollar salary cap while picking drivers with the best chance at scoring the most points each week. Players can add or remove drivers at their discretion as long as each team stays under the $100 cap for each Race (selections are locked during the Race window). Each Team Roster must have five different drivers on it; however, a participant may place the same driver on one or more of his or her five teams. Teams must fill the full roster of five drivers to be scored. Teams with four or fewer drivers selected will receive zero points for the week. A player will earn points each week as described below based on the performance of the drivers on the player’s team(s) for that week. Players can also earn bonus points each week by successfully predicting the winning driver and/or winning car manufacturer for a particular Race.

D. Driver Valuation:

A driver’s value will rise and fall throughout the Season based on performance but once a driver is on a team, their value stays locked in at the time of purchase until they are dropped from the roster or a salary is renegotiated as described below. Each driver’s value will be posted on the Website by Tuesday of each Weekly Period, unless otherwise noted.

E. Setting your Team:

Participants will select five (5) drivers to make up a team of their predicted top-scoring drivers in that week’s Race. Participants must have a full roster of five drivers to receive points. Those with four or fewer drivers selected for the week will not receive points. Participants will have until five (5) minutes before each Race’s official start time to select their Team. Official start time will be posted on the Game website and homepage for each League. In the event of any delay to the start of a Race, the roster lock time may be extended. Once a participant has selected his/her Team Roster, such Team Roster will carry over week-to-week unless the participant elects to change his/her Team Roster. Participants can make changes to their Team Rosters each Race week, but participants are not required to make changes. If a driver does not compete in a Race, he/she will not earn points for that Race week, but remains on participants’ Rosters until dropped. Regardless of what car they are in, the only Drivers who will receive points are those that actively start a Race. Inactive drivers on a team will not incur any additional penalty.

F. Bonus Points:

For bonus points, participants will need to select their Winning Driver and Car Manufacturer predictions each week. Failure to do so will not result in a penalty, but no additional bonus points will be earned. A pick for Winning Driver is not required to be on the active five person roster. If your team roster is not full with five (5) selected drivers for a given Week so that you do not receive any scoring points for that Week, you also may not earn any bonus points for that week. PICKS FOR WINNING DRIVER AND CAR MANUFACTURER DO NOT CARRY OVER WEEK TO WEEK.

G. Salary Renegotiation:

Should a driver’s value fall below the price originally purchased, a participant has the ability to Renegotiate Salary via the $$$ symbol located on the roster page. Renegotiating frees up cap space by applying the current value to any driver who has a lower value than when purchased. A participant may renegotiate salary at any time.

H. Scoring Format:

The drivers participating in each of the 36 Races of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ schedule will be scored each week according to the categories below. Participants earn points each week for each of their teams based on the performance of the drivers on their team for that week. The total race points accumulated by each driver on a participant’s team, plus any Bonus Points earned, represent the participant’s Weekly Race Points for each team/entry. Weekly Race Points are used to rank participants within Leagues and Overall each week. Weekly Race Points are totaled for each team Race by Race to determine the Overall League and Game (All Participants) Rankings. Weekly Race Points and respective Rankings will be considered Final and will be posted to the site within 24 hours of the time when Race Results from NASCAR® become official. Any penalties or adjustments to NASCAR official scoring after Game scoring has been finalized will not be reflected.

I. Scoring Categories:

Drivers are scored across four (4) statistical categories, originating from NASCAR’s official Race scoring. If a Driver on a participant’s Team Roster does not compete in a Race, that Driver will be awarded zero (0) points for that Race.

  • Laps Led:
    Total number of laps led divided by 2. Example: If Carl Edwards lead 70 laps, he would earn 35 points. NASCAR Timing & Scoring will be the official source of this statistical category.

  • Fastest Laps:
    Total number of fastest laps divided by 2. Example: If Denny Hamlin recorded 50 fastest laps, he would earn 25 points. NASCAR Timing & Scoring will be the official source of this statistical category.

  • Place Differential:
    Starting position (based on official qualifying order) minus finish position, +/- 1 point for each driver’s place differential. Example: If Jimmie Johnson started 7th but finished 1st, his place differential would be +6, and he would earn 6 points. If Kevin Harvick started 6th and finished 10th, his place differential would be -4, earning him -4 points.

  • Finishing Position:
    1st place gets 43 points, 2nd place gets 39, 3rd place gets 38, 4th place gets 37 points and so on in decrements of one point per position, with 40th place earning 1 point. The Game will be scored based on the final Race results tabulated by NASCAR Timing and Scoring.

  • Bonus Points - Winning Driver:
    30-point bonus for picking the winning race driver for that week. Selection DOES NOT carry over from week to week; a new pick must be made each Race.

  • Bonus Points - Car Manufacturer:
    10-point bonus for picking the winning car manufacturer for that week. Selection DOES NOT carry over from week to week; a new pick must be made each Race.

J. Prizes:

Weekly Prizes: At the end of each Weekly Period, the participant earning the most points for that Week from each prize-eligible League will be placed in a pool of all applicable weekly League winners. One (1) Weekly Prize Winner will be chosen at random from the pool. Thirty-six (36) Weekly Prize Winners (one per week) will each receive a promotional code good for Fifty Dollars ($50) of merchandise at the Superstore.

Overall Prizes: One (1) Grand Prize, one (1) Second Place Prize and one (1) Third Place Prize will be awarded to the eligible players from prize-eligible Leagues who have the largest sums of Weekly Race points for a single team at the conclusion of the Game Period, as determined by the Game rules. Only one Grand Prize will be awarded across all eligible Leagues. Winning your League does not guarantee you the Grand Prize. You must finish first across all eligible Leagues. Only one Second Place Prize and one Third Place Prize will be awarded across all eligible Leagues. One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a check in the amount of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000). One (1) Second Prize winner will receive certificates for the winner and (1) guest to the NASCAR Racing Experience location of the winner’s choice (ARV $1,000). One (1) Third Place Prize Winner will receive a promotional code good for Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250) of merchandise at the Superstore.

Please note that all notification e-mails about prizes will come from JHE Production Group, Inc. with a >< e-mail address. You may wish to add this domain to your safe senders list and check your spam folder during the time frames listed in the rules for potential winner notifications. Potential winners who do not respond to prize notifications within the times provided will be disqualified and the prize awarded to the next eligible player, subject to confirmation.

See Official Rules for details.