NASCAR Streak to the Finish FAQ

What is new for Streak to the Finish in 2016?

New this year:

  • Two First Prize Winners per Segment for Most Correct Picks and Longest Streak

  • Additional Segment prizes for top finishers

  • Up to 200 prize winners for the fifth and final Chase Segment

When can I make selections?

As soon as the race week is active on or before Tuesday of each week you may set your roster for each Series up until 5 minutes for each Race.

Are there changes to the prize structure this year?

Yes. There are now two First Prize Segment Winners, and additional Segment prizes for top finishers. For more details about prizing, please click HERE.

Why can’t I select the same driver I did last week?

If you have an active streak, a previously selected driver in that Series cannot be chosen again until your streak is broken. If a driver is listed in more than one Series, you may choose that driver in the Series he or she has not already been selected in for that active streak.

Can I make selections on my mobile device?

You can make your selections by visiting on your mobile browser or by clicking the Fantasy links in the official NASCAR Mobile app available in the App Store and Google Play.

Does my Streak continue once a Segment ends?

Streaks will reset at the end of each Segment. The person with the Longest Streak for that Segment will be determined the Longest Streak First Prize Segment winner, and the person with the Most Correct Picks for that Segment will be determined the Most Correct Picks First Prize Segment winner. However, your personal streak will continue to be scored for the Thirty Milestone prize. The Segments are used to identify winners over the total of those races, but if you have a current streak it will continue to be scored for the Thirty Milestone prize.

Why can’t I make a selection from each Series each week?

Not every Series has a race scheduled for each week. Make your selections based on the races that are available for the week.

What is the deadline for making my selections each week?

Driver Selections must be completed by the lock time at least five minutes before the posted start time of each Race, and Selections can only be made for the current week's set of Race events.

Do I have to make a selection for each Series?

No, however that is the best way to increase Streaks for prizes. There is no penalty for not making a selection in any Series.

I created more than 1 team, why can't I join those teams to the league I'm already in?

It is against the rules to have more than one team per account in the same league. The three team entries on your account must join different leagues.

I'm a league manager, how do I delete a league?

Once created, a league can only be removed if you are the only team in the league. Once other teams join your league, the league can no longer be removed.

How do I make my private league public so more players can join?

Click the LEAGUE tab, then LEAGUE SETTINGS. Click PUBLIC, then SAVE.

Where can I get help for other questions?

You can find help at: