When can I make picks?
As soon as the race week is active and not started, you may set your roster.
What is 'Defy My Pick'?
Streak to the Finish offers a Defy My Pick element which allows one opportunity to move your pick into the top 10 if your selected driver finishes in places 11-15. You can use the Defy option to keep your streak alive.
Why can’t I select the same driver I did last week?
If you have an active streak, a previously selected driver cannot be chosen again until your streak is broken. This is an added challenge.
Can I make picks on my mobile device?
You can make your selections by using the official NASCAR Mobile app available in the App Store and Google Play.
Will I receive points and will my streak continue if I pick a driver who finishes in the top 10, but has not declared to earn Sprint Cup points?
Yes. Even if your driver is not awarded Sprint Cup points because he has chosen to accumulate them in one of NASCAR’s other series, he will be scored with the points that would have been earned for that position as well as the bonus for extending a streak as described in the Rules : http://fantasygames.nascar.com/streak/rules
Does my Streak continue once a Segment ends?
Yes. The Segments are used to identify winners over the total of those races, but if you have a current streak it will continue to be scored.
When do I get the bonus points for a streak?
Bonus points begin after two correct top 10 picks (a streak of “1”)
Where can I get help for other questions?
You can find help at: http://support.nascar.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=5483